About us

We are a Business Consultant Specialist on Finance That Created to Suit The Customer Need.

Introduction to The Company 

Founded in 2010, Standardlink SMI Consultancy is a private owned and operated providing business consultation on finance based product such as loans and grants to the customer across Malaysia.


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision are to become as one of the leading Funding on grant and loan for finance based comparison portals in Malaysia.


Our Mission are to get small businesses the capital they need to grow.

One Stop Marketing Solution


We have a develop a strong relationship with Bankers & Government Agencies in Malaysia to provided the best service to our customers




As one of the leading loan & finance based comparison portals


I'm NG AI BOON has been with company since its inaugural year in 2009. As Director of Consulting. 

NG AI BOON holds a Bachelor of Economics with first class Hon’s from James Cook University, receiving a University Medal, and holds a Master of Finance from RMIT. NG AI BOON is a member of the Investment Committee of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

MAT SHUIB BIN CHE AMAT has been Frontier CEO since 2006 and has responsibility for the development and implementation of the firm's strategic and operational plans.

As CEO, MAT SHUIB BIN CHE AMAT is responsible for the management of all business aspects including strategic planning and implementation, company financial matters, operational matters, compliance and all Board and shareholder matters. MAT SHUIB BIN CHE AMAT holds a Master of Commerce (Hons) from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance) from the Chisholm Institute.

Our  sole mission  is to get small businesses the capital they need to grow
SMIFunding is the easiest way to shop and save on a small business loan and government grant. In just the past year, we've helped hundreds of small businesses get millions of dollars in financing quickly and safely.
Office Address
Standardlink SMI Consultancy

Level 3A, Sunway Visio Tower 

Lingkaran SV

Sunway Velocity

55100 Kuala Lumpur


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Office Tel: 603-9771 2299

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